Here is a list of all commissions and fees Innovectives gives its agents to enjoy.

The attached document below outlines the fees and commissions attached to using the KeshExpress App to offer financial services to customers. A detailed breakdown is provided in subsequent topics. Please take note of these fees when you are pricing your mobile money fees for customers who you are offering services to, through the Kesh Express App. Note that All Agents are at liberty to apply their own transaction service charges on top of Innovectives fees for facilitating transactions.

For every transfer you make,

  • You are charged N10 for transfer worth N0-N5000
  • You are charged N25 for transfer worth N5001-20,000
  • You are charged N50 for transfers worth above N20,000
This applies for transfers to any account and in any bank. You are at liberty to add your transfer charge to make profit.

When you sell airtime or data via Kesh Express, you earn a 2% commission on total airtime/data sales made.

  • Cardless withdrawals (Cash Out): N100 for transactions between N1,000 - 20,000
  •  Agent Commission on cashless Withdrawal: N50
  •  Wallet cash-out (withdrawal from your wallet to your account): N75 on transactions worth up to N1,000-N20,000 only.

0.65% When you use an Innovectives POS to collect payment from a customer, you are charged 0.65% of the amount being paid. This means, if the transaction amount is N5,000, you are charged N32.5. If the transaction amount is N10,000, you are charged N65. If the transaction amount is N50,000, you are charged N325. So as an agent using an Innovectives POS, you need to be aware of this, before you decide whether or not to get an Innovectives POS, and how much to charge your customer if you are using an Innovectives POS. Take note that Innovectives will automatically deduct the POS fees during the payment, meaning, if the POS transaction was N5000, only N4967.5 will be credited to your account.  

N100 You will pay a fee of N100 flat on every Cable TV Payment and Prepaid Electricity payment transaction done through the Kesh Express app - irrespective of the merchant, and irrespective of the value of the transaction. You also get N75 as commission for Cable TV payment and Prepaid Electricity Payment.

Innovectives does not charge a fee for account opening but offers N150 as commission for each account opened, provided that the account is opened with a minimum balance of N200.

Innovectives does not charge a fee for BVN Enrollment but offers N70 as commission for each BVN Enrollment.

In this case, a fee of N860 is charged directly to the customer’s account. As an agent, you will get N100 as commission which you MUST get directly from the Cardholder and not Innovectives.