You can open accounts for some banks and link cards to these accounts using the KeshExpress App. Learn how to do these in this lesson.

After a successful Log-In………

  • STEP 1 – Click on the Account Opening icon on the Home Page.
  • STEP 2 - Click on Institution Category.
  • STEP 3 – Click on Institution (Bank).
  • STEP 4 - Fill in the First, middle & Last Names.
  • STEP 5 - Fill in the Customer’s Email Address and Mobile Number.
  • STEP 6 – Select State and City of the customer.
  • STEP 7- Enter Customers address.
  • STEP 8- Select Marital status, Gender & DOB
  • Fill in the Referral's Phone number.
  • STEP 9- Fill in the BVN (If applicable).
Note that at the moment, you can only open accounts for Access Bank, Cowries Bank, GTBank, UBA and Jaiz Bank.

Currently, you can only link cards for GTBank accounts you open. To link a card, you will need to contact the Innovectives customer support to get a batch of plain cards. It is these cards you collect that you will be able to link to customer's accounts. The following Steps can be used to link a card to a customer's account number:

  • Step 1 – Log into the kesh express Application
  • Step 2 - Click ‘’ Card Linking‘’
  • Step 3 - enter ‘’ account number, sequence number of the card you want to link (you will see this on the card), the last 6 digit of the card and customers phone number‘’
  • Step 4 – Click ‘’ Verify Details‘’
  • Step 5 - The default PIN associated with the debit card will be sent to the customer's phone number via SMS.