This lesson explains what to do next after completing your registration as well as steps to take to fund your wallet. 1

Your application will be reviewed by the Innovectives team for consistency, and if approved, you will receive a Login Pin Within 24 - 48 hours. After you receive the login pin, follow the steps below to login to your dashboard on the Kesh Express App.

  • Download the Kesh express Application from Google play store.
  • Install the app and open it to login
  • Click on the Kesh Express App icon on your phone
  • Fill-in your unique Operator ID and PIN appropriately. Your operator ID is your telephone number with “234” appended to it. So, if your telephone number is 08023423423, your operator ID will be 2348023423423. Note that this telephone number must be the one you used as Mobile Number to be linked to the account, when you were completing the registration form
  • Under “Select Account Type”, choose “Agency banking”
  • Click on LOGIN. This should take you to the welcome page.
  • On the welcome page, click on Continue and it takes you to the Home page
The document attached below provides a step by step infographics guide on how to onboard with Innovectives

Your profile contains very important information you will require to fund your wallet and use the App. To access your profile after you login,

  • Click the settings icon at the bottom of the app
  • Select Profile.
On your profile page, you will see:
  • Your First & Last name as you provided it during registration
  • Your Agent Code
  • Your telephone number (which you used to sign in). This is the number linked to your account.
  • Agent Address: Your Business LGA and state as provided during registration
  • TIL Institution: Rubies (High Street) MFB - This is the Micro Finance Bank that is linked to innovective, where your unique Agent Wallet account has been created. Rubies (High Street) MFB is a licenced Microfinance Bank with the CBN
  • TIL Account Name: This is your Agent Account Name.
  • TIL Account Number: This is the Account Number of your Agent Wallet. This is where you will send money to, when you want to fund your wallet to carry out transactions.

You must fund your KeshExpress Wallet for you to be able to offer Cash in, Cash out & Bills Payment Services. Funding your wallet is as easy as making a bank transfer from any bank to your Agent account number (i.e TIL Account Number found in the Settings section of the App). The document attached below provides a step by step infographics guide on how to fund your wallet.