Agents usually encounter issues of failed transactions in this business. In this lesson, you will learn how to address some of these issues you may likely come across.

Chargeback is simply a request to reconcile a disputed debit card transaction. This can be done using the Kudi app or going to the bank to resolve the transaction problem.

To log in a chargeback issue on you Kudi app:

  • Open the app on your mobile phone
  • Log into your Kudi Account
  • Click on support and select cash withdrawal issues to log this issue.
  • A feedback will be provided concerning your complaint within 72 working hours.

To resolve an issue like this:

  • Click on POS terminal
  • Scroll down to need help?
  • Click on the second option that says “My Customer was debited but i was not credited”.
  • You will see (Delayed credit) at the top .
  • Kindly fill in the details, and ensure you input the RRN number.
  • Submit the details you filled, your complaints will be looked into.

Kindly contact support on the Kudi app with the decoder number to confirm the status of the transaction.

For prepaid PHCN, the meter token is on the transaction receipt on the Kudi app. Once it is inputted, the value will be received immediately and if the customer still claims they did not get value, please send the screenshot to support on Kudi app so that the issue can be resolved promptly.