In this lessons, you will be shown how to do withdrawals on Kudi app and the charges Kudi places on different withdrawal amounts

Kudi Cash withdrawals basically involve the withdrawal of funds from an existing bank account via either a point of sale machine, USSD or using the Kudi app.

  • Login to the app
  • Click on withdraw money
  • Follow the steps stated.
  • On the choose payment method, click on Debit Card
  • The customer will receive an OTP to complete the transaction.

On all platforms, these are kudi charges for withdrawals:

  • 0-5000 = N50
  • 5001-10000 = N70
  • 10001-20000 = N100
  • 20001-30000 = N150
  • 30001-40000 = N200
  • 40001-50000 = N250