Kudi offers unique packages to its agent bankers. In these lessons, you will learn how to onboard Kudi as an agent.

On the Kudi app, the new feature called Outlet Manager was included so that Kudi can have clear visibility on the number of businesses (agents) on their platform. So if you have multiple outlets as an agent, they will not be identified independently, but identified as one body under your control as the Outlet Manager. This was done basically to simplify the onboarding process for sub-outlets under agents and super agents and to help curb fraud by unifying BVN and for easy identification of businesses on the Kudi platform.

  • Download the Kudi app on playstore or online (You must have gotten an invite link by now)
  • Create an account with Kudi in a few steps
  • Fill in your personal details, phone number, business name and bank details
  • Your registered phone number will be your unique kudi wallet identifier
  • Input your Kudi PIN which will give you login access on Kudi
  • Fund your wallet and start transacting.

Do you have any challenges while signing up as a Kudi agent? Please call or whatsapp +234 905 207 6865. You will be given the necessary assistance you need.