The GTBank Agent Banking offering is called “Make Money”. In these lessons, you will learn how to start using the Make Money Service as an agent.

GTBank “Make Money” is a platform that enables individuals to use their mobile phones to earn extra money for themselves by being resellers of GTBank financial services. No additional hardware or onboarding is  required to become a GTBank Make Money Agent.  The rates offered by GTBank are at competitively reduced rates with added advantage of good commissions.

The GTBank Make Money Platform currently enables Mobile Money Agents offer only 4 GTBanks financial services:

  • Transfer: This feature allows Mobile Money Agents to be able to send money and make instant transfers to third party accounts. As an agent, you can use this feature to carry out Cash - In. Using this service, you can send money to accounts in all banks, most micro finance banks and even mobile money operator wallets like Opay, Paga, FETs, Eyowo, etc
  • Airtime and Data : It facilitates the purchase of airtime and data on any network for your customers.
  • Cashout: This feature allows Agents to be able to withdraw cash for their customers using their debit cards or through Cardless withdrawals, all possible only through the GTBank POS .
  • Bills payment: It enables the payment of utility bills such as  electricity, cable TV Subscriptions, sports betting wallets, etc. You can even make payments for Remita transactions through this app.

  • Enjoy competitively reduced rates and commissions on transfers and airtime sales
  • The Make Money Service is Simple and easy to use
  • No POS terminal required
  • Works on every smart phone type (Android or ios).
  • Offer Mobile Money Services even when you don't have internet connection
  • You can use a feature phone (e.g Nokia 3310) to start as an agent and earn commissions, when you use the *737# USSD Code.
  • You get to work as an agent of a recognized top-tier bank

The primary requirement to be able to use the GTBank “Make Money” Platform is that you must have an active GTBank Account. That's all. The way GTBank has built their Agent Banking offering is such that everyone who has a GTBank account can automatically function as their Mobile Banking agent - without any special agent registration. If you have an old GTBank account which you haven't used in a while and has gone dormant, you will need to reactivate that account if you want to use it for the GTBank Make Money Service.

Yes. You can use the Make Money service on your existing savings or current account. There is no need to open a new corporate account. Continue all transactions with your old account by simply registering it as the account for your Make Money services.  However, you can open a new dedicated GTBank account to operate your Mobile Money business. This helps you to separate your personal transactions from your business transactions - which is a good practice for Mobile Money Agents.

If you already have a GTBank account, there are three basic ways you can access and use the “Make Money” platform to conduct transactions. They are:

  • Through the GTWorld App: The updated GTWorld App (on Android or ios) has a new “Make Money” menu which you will be able to access when you login. Through this menu mobile money and bank agents will be able to offer all the available TBank Make Money Services. 
  • Through the *737# USSD Code: The *737# USSD code now has an added “Make Money” menu that enables you perform your mobile money agent services even when you don't have an internet connection..
  • POS (Android Terminal): The GTBank Android POS facilitates the collection of payments via multiple channels (Cash; Cards; Transfers; 737).  Each Android terminal also supports commission-based Value-Added Services such as Airtime Purch

For enquiries on using the GTWorld App or  POS to access the “Make Money” service, please send an email to For *737# Make Money enquiries, please send an email to