How much do you know about the Mobile Money Business? How current are you with the trends, policies and practices of the business, its operators and agents around you? This is a major challenge in our industry today. Having the business and practical knowledge of agency business is important. The fact that one worked in a bank or any financial institution before doesn’t necessarily mean that they have acquired the right knowledge for the business. Also, the fact that one has gotten initial training does not mean that such person doesn't need to continually upgrade him/herself.

  1. Take a formal training on the Mobile money business (like this one) before you start, to avoid making costly mistakes.
  2. You must be ready to be open minded and learn from those who are experts in the field.
  3. Continuously look out for other trainings you can take in the business.
  4. Look out for trainings offered by your operator. Ask them to conduct periodic trainings for you as well.
  5. Be deliberate about having discussions with other  mobile money agents in your area or in other locations, just to compare notes and stay abreast of latest strategies, practices and security measures.
  6. Look out for regulatory announcements from CBN, etc.
Thank fully, we will be launching the Mobile Money Agent Community very soon and there, you will be informed about the latest information in the Mobile Money Business, be exposed to lessons learnt from mobile money agents like you, etc.