How do you ensure you always have cash?

Cash is the backbone and lifeline of mobile money and agency business. Every agent who is serious about being in business must ensure that he or she works to keep the flow of cash and capital steady and proportional to the growth of business. As your customer base increases, you must also create avenues to increase the stream of capital inflow to help meet the demand. Typically, agent location is a preferred paypoint channel for the majority of customers because of the ease and convenience, so any agent in a strategic location will easily attract customers especially during festive seasons when demand for cash is usually high.  

  1. Start small with whatever you have.
  2. Speak to family and friends to raise money.
  3. Start from rendering of thrift services using any of the licensed digital savings platforms. Thrift collection can provide a steady source of working capital to finance agent’s operations. 
  4. Build trust amongst your customers, this will enable them to save up with you, until they will need it for restocking their shops.
  5. Digital lending companies are also granting short term credits to agents using their POS turnover for assessment.