Low patronage means inadequate number of customers or footfalls in your outlet per day. How do you mitigate this challenge?

Remember that what makes your agency business profitable is dependent on the number of transactions per day and the higher the number of transactions the more profitable your business is. 

Some factors that can be responsible for low patronage include 

  • Operating in a low density population area, 
  • Operating in an area with a high number of agents clustered in the same location, 
  • Your pricing is not competitive enough
  • ·You Offer only a particular line of service, e.g, You offer only cash withdrawal, etc.

  • Build trust by being consistent and competent in all facets of your business transactions.
  • Openly display your charges.
  • Standardize all issue resolution processes, e.g. let your customers know in advance what will be done if there is a failed transaction.
  •  Show integrity by being truthful, e.g. don’t hold on to customer deposit on the pretense of poor network when in fact you have no money in your wallet.
  • Commitment and reliability are key to obtaining and keeping customers, let your word be your bond. The customer usually can see through lies.
  • Training and holistically understanding the products/services being rendered will sure guarantee footfall. Strive to attend training sessions that are organized by service providers, regulators and mobile money associations to gain the requisite know-how.