Mobile network infrastructure is very critical to the entire digital financial services industry. You need connectivity (voice + Data) for whatever type of service you want to carry out as an agent. What do you do when you have issues with the network? Here are a few tips.

The adverse negative impact of a poor network can be far reaching, if not checked. Some issues that may likely come up as a result of poor network connectivity include: irresponsive POS device, debit error, failed transaction, multiple credit, multiple debit, etc.

In doing mobile money and agency banking business, ensure that you leverage on the mobile network with the strong signal and connectivity. So from your onset in business, ensure that you carry out a survey to know which mobile network is most suitable for your business area. 

It is also advisable that you have backup in place. Have handy other network data plans and be prepared to switch the moment network is poor and a backup platform in case of downtime.

  • Always start your day with a test transaction to establish the strength of the mobile network using your own ATM card or account.
  • Avoid doing transactions when the network is bad.