You will come across a lot of failed transactions and debit errors in the course of transactions in this business. Here are detailed guides on how to handle different transaction errors easily.

Debit error occurs when a transaction comes up as a failed transaction but the customer's account is debited or in cases where the customer's account is debited more than once for a singular transaction. This is caused most times by weak network signal, or flawed software/app solution.  In some cases, a few hours later, the money can end up reflecting in your account/wallet. In some other cases, it will not.

Failed transaction occurs when a transaction is initiated (cash in, cash out, payment) and it fails to yield the desired result. This could manifest in a number of ways, some of which include: money not landing in recipient account, payments not landing merchants account, transaction reversal, etc.

The solution to a debit error issue is a reversal of the transaction, which is also called a chargeback. Here is how to resolve a debit error:

  1. Send a complaint email to your provider clearly stating the following: Name, wallet/account number, card details (1st six digits and last 4 digits), date of transaction and disputed amount.
  2. On some platform’s issues can be logged directly on their app.
  3. When you have a complaint log id, follow up with phone calls until the issue is resolved.
  4. Alternatively, the agent should advise the customer to go to the bank and lay a complaint by completing a dispense error form. The Bank will then reach out to the agent directly to verify the claim and make the reversal themselves.
  5. If the problem remains unresolved, then send a mail to CBN customer protection help desk. See details below on how to approach CBN Customer Protection Help Desk.

Always print or save receipt of all transactions i.e both successful and failed transactions. Financial service providers might ask for them during issue resolution. The bank would usually investigate and debit the actual sum from the merchant account (if the cash was found to have been deposited to the merchant). Fraudulent inadividuals have taken advantage of the system to lodge fraudulent complaints to the bank. So mobile money agents must be vigilant in this regard.