So you have started your Mobile Money Business. To make money, you need to get customers to patronize you. How do you drive new and repeat customers your way? Here are a few tips:

This could be a one-off event (e.g NYSC camp periods, large church events, etc) or locations like Markets, motor parks, bus stops, etc, where there is always high traffic. Setting up a base in villages where there are no financial services is also a huge win.

When customers see the brand of banks or operators they trust, they are more inclined to do business with you. So make efforts to brand your outlet if you have one, so you can attract customers.

Don't just sell your services. Take time to engage in discussions on financial services and how people can practice better financial habits. Read wide and share your lessons. When the people around you see you as knowledgeable, they will trust you and patronize your services.

If you can, print flyers and take it from place to place, around the location where you are based. There is no need putting your flyer in a location that is far from your outlet. Go to shops and retailers around you and tell them about your services, so if any customer comes to them and needs cash to pay, they can point that customer to you.

Make an effort to collect the telephone numbers of customers who patronize you so you can periodically send them messages that make them remind you. If you also start offering a new service, you can send a blast SMS campaign to your old customers and invite them to visit you (or engage you via Whatsapp) to learn about the service and patronize you.