Location is key to the success of your mobile money business. A strategic and accessible location will help attract a lot of opportunities to your business. Here is what you need to know about getting a location for your business.

Having a location is very important and strategic for many reasons. Here are some reasons why you should strongly consider getting an operating location to work out of:

  • Having a Location builds trust to work with you because they know where to find you if they have any challenges or enquiries
  • Knowing that you will always show up means they can plan around you and refer people to you.
  • Location branding increases customer trust
  • You have the advantage of walk-in customers who were probably just passing by, noticed your location and came in to do business.
  • You benefit from having a lot of repeat customers patronize you.
  • Having a location attracts more opportunities to you. Other banks/operators will be the one lobbying to have you on their service. This gives you higher negotiating power.
  • You should note that most banks and operators require you to have an operating location to onboard you as their agent.

  • Brick and Mortar shops.
  • Kiosk (Stationary or mobile).
  •  Umbrella, chair and table. (Not recommended)

  • Distance of location to the closest financial access point. E.g Local Government Headquarters without commercial banks holds a sizable number of the unserved and underserved.
  • Quality of Mobile and data network in the area
  • Suitability of the Environment
  •  Security situation of that locality.
  • Level of commercial activity
  • Densely populated areas: e.g NYSC camps, barracks, religious gatherings, sport centres