As the most popularly known and used POS, the regular POS provides adequate functionalities that will enable you perform transactions for your business.

The Regular POS possesses a  small monochrome screen with a fast-speed printer and a powerful battery. It enables you to make secured payments and provides receipts for transactions made. Some even provide room for single sim or dual sim functionality. All the tools you need to operate this POS are built into the device. You only need to insert your ATM card and select the transaction you want and make payment.

  • Higher paper roll capacity
  • It is durable
  • It can work with different operators
  • It is simpler to operate
  • It is cheaper than Android POS

  • Most times, it does not speedily process transactions
  • There are more cases of failed transaction using this POS
  • It is bigger and heavier compared to other POS

Request from your bank or operator. If they issue regular POSs and you are eligible (based on any set criteria they have), you should get one. You can also purchase the operator if they offer POSs  for sale and if you can afford it.

Most operators. Although they give it to select agents based on their performance - or if you pay the fees attached to it.