As an all in one device, Andriod POS combines all the functions of the regular POS and your mobile device.

The Android POS is an all-in-one device, which is a combination of the regular POS and smart phone functionalities. What this means is that, with an android POS you don’t need several devices to offer financial services. All tools needed are built in one device. You can log into the mobile app of your operator and still carry out POS functionality consecutively.

  • It is durable
  • You can do a whole lot more functions on it
  • It is able to work with virtually all the operators
  • It can be programmed to handle more transactions - depending on the operator software.

  • It is costlier to operate
  • It is more delicate, because of the screen attached to it. So, just like any phone, if it falls hard, the screen can break and you will have to spend some good money to fix it.

Request from your bank or operator. If they issue android POSs and you are eligible (based on any set criteria they have), you should get one.

Most operators. Although they give it to select agents based on their performance - as it is costlier.