The MobilePOS (mPOS) works in connection with your mobile phone, processing card transactions through the operator app installed on the phone. Though its functions are limited as a standalone, there is a lot it can do with your mobile phone linked to it.

Mobile POS (also known as PinPads) are extensions added to a Mobile phone so its users can collect card payments. These POSs work in connection with an operator App that must have been installed on your phone. Unlike the regular POS where you can select the service you want to pay for, type of account to pay from, etc, the mPOS doesn't have much functionality. The maximum you can do directly on the mPOS is entering amount and PIN. All the other processes to enable the payment (e.g selecting account type, etc) is done via the software on the phone is attached to. So, to make a transaction through a mPOS, it must be attached to a phone, and the customer will put his card in the mPOS, while the agent selects payment parameters via the phone.

Yes. You get the App from the operator that issued the mPOS to you.

It can work on Android Phones mainly.

  •  It is cheaper
  • It is easier to maintain
  • It is less technical to use
  • It does not require paper
  • It can be more versatile than the standard POS, depending on the functions available on the Operator’s App that connects to the POS.

  • You can't print receipts
  • The functionalities are limited, and you must have the phone and companion software for it to operate. When you think about it, it can end up being more expensive to operate (if you factor the cost of a phone) except you want to use your current phone.
  • Some customers might not feel very comfortable using their cards on the mPOS as they are not very used to it.

The mPOS costs about N20,000 - for most operators. The price may differ per operator.

Request for an mPOS from an operator who offers it, and as long as you have a wallet/account with them and meet any other set criteria, you will get your POS.

  • Pocket money
  • Paycenter
  • AjoCard
  • Fortis