National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) opens up their portal to agents to easily enroll Nigerians to obtain their National Identification Number (NIN). Being a mobile money operator or bank agent gives you the platform to become an agent for NIMC and earn commissions.

After CICO, bills pay is a service that earns a lot of commission for agents.  This service entails helping a customer to make statutory payment to a government or private sector provider. Example of Government payments, levies & Taxes you can handle on behalf of the customer include

  • Water Bills
  • WAEC fees
  • JAMB Fees etc
Example of Private sector Bills you can handle for the customer
  • Air Ticket
  • Power (EKDC, AEDC, JEDC, etc) subscription
  • TV subscription fees
  • Internet subscription fees etc
We cannot list out all the bills,  or government services that agents can facilitate, as they are a lot, and they keep being added. However, when you enrol with an operator, you will be able to see all the bills, government payments and levies they support, and you are then able to make all those payments on behalf of any customer that needs that payment  

When you subscribe to become an agent of any operator, you will see all the merchants who that operator can collect bills payment for. As an agent, you can then collect cash or transfer from any customer, and then, make the bill payment on behalf of the customer. For example, if a customer wants to pay his DSTV bills and comes to the agent with cash, the agent will collect the customer’s DSTV details and renew the service on the customer’s behalf through the agent App.

Almost every Nigerian needs to pay one bill or the other. Most of these payments are mandatory - if the customer wants to continue to access the service.

Making the payment of the bill to the merchant on behalf of the customer

  • The agent earns commissions for every bill paid for the customer.  The exact commission amount varies from merchant to merchant.
  • Some agents are able to add an extra markup to the fee, so they make extra money, not just the commission paid to them by the merchant.

A Phone/PC/Pad with access to the internet and with the operators app installed.

  • You can build a strategy around focusing on a particular bill type - e.g payment for a particular government levy and then setup shop in a location where people who pay that levy come to. For example, for doctors who need to pay their MDCN levy via remita, as a remita agent, you can set up a small branch near the MDCN office so any doctor who comes to pay can just approach you to pay on their behalf and giving you cash or making a transfer to your account in return.
  • You can also advertise that you offer these services in the location where you are situated, so anyone interested can walk into your location and ask for the service.

Most operators offer this service. The audio lectures provide very useful detail on this. Make sure to listen to it.

The only capital you need to start this service is the float you must have in your account - so you can pay a bill on behalf of a customer that comes, and earn your commission.

  • Having your phone/PC/Tab connected to the internet and with the operators app installed
  • Having enough float income in your account to make bill payments  

You make as much money as the number of bill payment transactions you can handle. Take note that if you have a small float, you won't be able to handle a lot of transactions.

Yes! you can start with Bill Payments, Government Levies & Tax payments first and then extend your offerings to other services over time. In fact, a lot of mobile money vendors start with this and grow to be able to provide other services like cash in-cash out later