We have officially come to the end of the course. We are happy you have taken the time and discipline to follow through with the course till this stage and we hope the course was worth your while. Beyond the course, we are committed to seeing you grow. In this lesson, we share the next steps for you to take, and future plans we have ahead.

We implore you to make good use of this training and ensure you start up your own business wherever you are.

  1. Money should not be your excuse. You can start with whatever you have.
  2. Location should not be your excuse. You can start with an umbrella, or share space with someone who already has a location (e.g barbers shop, pharmacy, small shop, tailor, etc)
  3. If you think its too small a business for you, maybe because you are a graduate, just remember: MONEY DOESNT RESPECT CERTIFICATE. Besides, as a graduate, you have a better chance to do well in the business, as you will be better able to structure your operations and grow really big.
Remember, you can grow as big as your mind permits you, in this business. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

You are entitled to a certificate issued by SAEDConnect. To get the certificate, you will need to complete an end-of-course survey and provide your name in the form, as you would want it to show on your certificate.  The end of course survey is provided in the link below.  

  1. Your certificate will be issued in soft copy only.
  2. Only people who complete the form will be issued a certificate,
  3. Your name will be written on your certificate the way you write it in the form.
  4. Fill the form only once. If you fill it twice and any mistake is made on your certificate, you have yourself to blame.
  5. Your certificate will be sent to the email you submit in the end-of course survey.
  6. Certificates are processed on Fridays and issued on Saturdays. So, if you fill the end-of course survey anyday between Saturday to Friday, you will get your certificate on the following Saturday.
If you have any issues with your certificate, please indicate in the alumni community. If you request a name correction on your certificate – different from what you filled in the end of course survey, you will be required to pay a change fee of N1000.

We expect that you would have on-boarded with all the operators we introduced to you in class. Some of you ask if you can delay onboarding for later. We always recommend that you onboard immediately and start using the platform whenever you are ready. It costs nothing to onboard. When you join the Mobile Money Academy Community, we will introduce other operators to you, and dissect them as we have done those in this into course.

We currently operate an alumni WhatsApp group for every student who has completed the lesson and filled the end-of-course survey.

  1. We will automatically add you to the Alumni WhatsApp group on the same day we issue your certificate.
  2. The Alumni Whatsapp Group will be open to everyone to ask questions, make suggestions and interact with fellow operating and aspiring agents. Feel free to ask your questions from each other in the group.
The Course facilitator will also be monitoring the group and providing answers now and again

We are currently working on an exclusive online community for Mobile Money agents, where members will have access to new information from operators, CBN and other stakeholders, as they come out.   We will also periodically publish interviews with agents like you who are making it so you can learn from their mistakes and adopt their strategies for success. We will provide details on how to join the community in the Alumni group.

If you would still like to access the content of this course later, we have provided a discounted access for you - whenever you want to access it again. Whenever you want to access the class again – after your current expiry date, just login again with your existing password and it will tell you next steps to take to renew access to your class.