Host(s): Folorunso Aliu

In this session, you will learn how to define your Customer Segment. The session will help you answer questions like; what problem is my business solving? Who am I solving it for? And who is my market? You will also be taught how to build customer personas and know the size of your market?

Hello all, the video above is a great introduction to the business model canvas, as discussed in todays class.

Watch a replay of the Live session on defining your customer segment, led by Mr Folorunsho Aliu. If you have any question, please hit the "Ask a Question" Button.

At the end of this live session, we would love to get your feedback. Please click the link below to provide your feedback. NB:Its compulsory for all participant to complete the post-session feedback form.

At the end of the days session, we will put highlights of the session here.

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We have compiled some pre-reading materials here for you.Find some time to go through them before or after the class

You will find the session slides (pdf version) here, at the end of the live session.

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